GST rollout: 100 FAQs received by Modi on Twitter

Since the Centre gets down to applying GST in the midnight of June 30 and July 1, in addition, it has a critical challenge to fulfill. That is an immense task ahead of the government not to only educate others regarding the new tax program but also clarify their doubts and also eliminate their apprehensions.

The Narendra Modi government has also sought to answer to the queries that the individuals have submitted on Twitter. Meanwhile, the Central Board of Excise and Customs has tried to react to 100 such queries so as to clean the public’s doubts about GST. A number of these

Can we utilize provisional GSTIN or do we get brand new GSTIN? Can we begin using provisional GSTIN till brand new one is issued?

Whether trader of state liquor must migrate to GST from VAT as spirits is from GST law?

Not able to tax as mentioned u/s 23 of CGST means nil rated supply or abated worth of distribution?

Whether there are just two SEZ units in same condition, whether two registrations are needed to be got?

When is enrollment in other nations required? Will providing support from Nasik to other nations demand registration in other nations?

I’ve registered in GST but I still forgot to input SAC codes. What if I do?

The standing is migrated.
I’ve ST amount on person name and also have migrated to GST. I want to move this on my proprietorship company.
Should I enroll willingly though turnover is less than 20 Lakhs, am I required to pay tax in 1st supply that I make article registration?

Whether or not a distinct GSTIN would be allocated to a registered individual for deducting TDS (he’s PAN and TAN too)?

If a business in Maharashtra holds just 1 occasion in Delhi, will they need to enroll in Delhi? Will paying IGST out of Maharashtra suffice?