Chandrakanta (Colors) 15th July 2017 written updates

Chandrakanta (Colors) 15th July 2017 full episode written telly vision updates:┬áChandrakanta claims that you’re fruad. However, virendra state that I’m in love and obeyed you, otherwise I’d have run off. Chandrakanta says you’re enemy. Panditji recites mantra Along with their union occurs. Umang claps and everybody says you are married. Chandrakanta goes and begs from mandap.

Chandrakanta consider past happenings and economies performed by virendra. Village individuals ask chandrakanta parents to perform vidai of her and she’s now our enemy. Viru arrives and how are you able to do so. And I will not induce her, even if she don’t believe in marriage and that I will go to.

Irravati strikes suryagarh and chandrakanta sees them and hides himself and believes to notify everybody. And run off. Irravati request soliders to assault fishers first.

Chandrakanta arrives and informs a one will attack us. And courtroom people fake their strategy and goes.
Irravati together with her soliders assault villagers and most of court folks hide behind each other. With full on humor secenes.

Irravati assault chandrakanta parents and vir uses their abilities and rescue them. Irravati inquire vir to arrive at my side. Irravati says you’re denying that your god, vir claims that now my god isn’t right. Irravati attempts to kill chandrakanta however vir protects her.

Irravati admits to suryagarh that I will spare you but kill this woman and vir inquire to operate. He belongs.
Baba request to take clothing and run off. Chandra denies. Umang claims he’s fine but chandra donot agree. Soliders come and mention maharaj send us to help save you all. Soliders state that if they sleep catch chandra and contribute to irravati.

Soliders speak with kidnap chandra however her parnets aren’t sleeping. Vir proceeds to chandra and wake up her and notify everything occurred in court. She denies because you’re lier and will probably be lier it’s difficult to trust. Parents listen and states that we ought to run. Baba claims that vir if you’d walked truth route, this would not happened. They operate.

Vir request soliders to proceed and huv chandra and choose sowrd and kill them. I do what I need to do and consistently ask you do this however now you pick. Chandra says I will fight you and join hand using their intimate tune teri deewangi.

Chandra claims it was me that requested maharaj to teach sword, however we’re in trouble. Chandra shouts prevent everybody. Now I chandrakanta admits that I will summit myself into Irrawati. She states though I refuse this union but it happened today take your bride into your residence. He says maybe not enjoy this, however fill his hairline using bloodstream and say that I will win your heart with love.

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