Chandrakanta (Colors) 22nd July 2017 written updates

Chandrakanta (Colors) 22nd July 2017 full episode written telly vision updates: Why did you bring her ? I will kill her. Irrawati state vir if you’d won struggle, I will welcome you along with my blood but …. .

Chandra advise that I’m winner decoration for you, today call back your soliders. Irrawati recite machli jal ki rani hai, jevan uska pani hai, hath lagao into dar jayegi, bahar nikalo into marr jayegi. My soliders will do what vir can not. Vir state I assured my wife, please do exactly what she stated.

Irrawati catch chandra with magical and state soliders to bring caught chandra to courtroom. Chandra says what exactly are you doing?

Umang says to hit kalash first. Vir use magic and bring food kalash, chandra says its food kalash. And everyone smile. Vir arrange kalash, umang say its empty. Fill it with rice, money, flower and kumkum thal. Vir jokes on it but arrange and all of them enter.

Vir gift payal to chandra. He say its of my mother who gave me birth. And make her wear. Some girl(don’t know her name) watch them. Vir ask chandra to get ready. She say I don’t have clothes. He arranges dresses but she rejects. She says hide. Vir hides, chandra search for him and he appears. Vir appears and give her clothes and ask her to get ready.

Chandra think about fake umang words and she do magic. Real umang arrives and praises chandra. Vir see them in mirror, umang ask chandra to say do you love vir or not. Chandra say I already said eariler and goes. Umang inform that chandra didn’t say anything but vir say she even denied.

They both walk in village and vir do magic and shower flowers and chandra smiles. Village girls tries to earn chandra jealous by asking vir to hug, chandra throw arrow kind of somthing. They both again dance on same song with village people.

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