Chandrakanta (Colors) 23rd July 2017 written updates

Chandrakanta (Colors) 23rd July 2017 full episode written telly vision updates: Iravathi asks her magical aide to acquire talismi khanjar/knife powers. Aide says time will get her those powers, after 21 years they’ll be relived again. Iravathi says there will be solved for all of the problems, she’ll get her solution, else will be killed. Veer walks to Chandrakantha, sees her sleeping and reminiscing her mother telling that Chandrakantha has done black magic on give, thinks he doesn’t understand why she wants to kill her mother, she is his mother’s enemy.

She slips. Iravathi tells Veer that she would like to talk her alone and asks Chandrakantha to go and sleep. Veer agrees. She asks him to go out as she’ll change dress. He leaves.

Chandrakantha wears bridal green dress and waits for Veer. Veer gives her Iravathi’s given black magic mangalsultra. Exotic butterflies encircle her, she believes Veer delivered them and gets joyful, collapses. Veer includes Iravathi. Iravathi requests him to take her to Vishnu mandir he does. She asks him to go as only 3 people may stay here, chandrakantha who did black magic, she and her aide. Veer feels weird leaving Chandrakantha alone. A storm emerges and spoils black magic. Aide tells Iravathi that her pooja is spoilt today and she has to wait around for 2 weeks, till then she should send Chandrakantah to black magical jungle. Iravathi fumes.

He runs towards her and with her black magic stops glass strands hitting her. She hugs him and says Chandrakantha’s black magic is troubling her and she wants to send Chandrakantha to jungle for 2 weeks to identify it. She tells Chandrakantha that she has to go to jungle for praja/people’s betterment. Chandrakantha agrees. Umang resists and says it is a really dangerous jungle and even trees are harmful there. Chandrakantha says she will do it for rani maa. Servant informs her way to jungle and she walks. Umang stops her again and says he’ll accompany her.

Veer watches her moving in jungle on hi magical bowl and gets concerned, but fumes thinking she is his mom’s enemy. Iravathi comes there and starts her emotional atyachar. She says he loves fisherwoman Chandrakantha more than her and forgot his mother’s favors. She reminds him that she took care of him as her own son after his mother died and sacrificed her life for him and made him best ayyar and warrior, he gave her this reward in return. He says he’ll kill Chandrakantha once their work is finished. Drama persists.

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