Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 18th July 2017 written updates episode

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 18th July 2017 written updates episode telly updates:¬†Aastha coming within Gurumaa’s room. Professional maa pretends to perform puja and informs she obtained 56 bhogs since Lakshmi obtained fine. Aastha considers her and asks where’s the pipe. Gurumaa says she’s fasting and can not have water too and that is why she took out her pipe. Aastha says you’re strong willed and inquires when she came to understand who have added damaging compounds in the papads. Gurumaa says she could not find out. Aastha says that she will continue to keep the bhog from the kitchen. Gurumaa says she’ll ask sevaks to perform. Aastha asks about the blot on her garments. She states she implemented chandan to her face and it dropped on her garments. She uses vegetable curry stating Chandan and has irked.

Then he imagines Aastha sporting Gurumaa’s clothing and dressed her enjoy. Gurumaa requires him. Shiv says nothing and asks God what’s happening with her. He’s surprised. Servant asks what occurred? Shiv says sorry and believes Aastha is seen anywhere.

Shiv believes what’s happening with him believes if his confusion is growing. Aastha states Shiv. Shiv retains his finger on her mouth and says what’s clear today…. I adore you Aastha. Aastha smiles. Shiv holds her hands and hugs her. Aastha calls Shiv and asks him to come and states you’re drenched. Shiv sees Balwan together with him and he requests Aastha to take good care of Shiv. Shiv believes he’s in love with Aastha.

Gayatri sees Bhagyashree linking the rope and asks her to behave to commit suicide by hanging that Ashok kicks her from home. Gayatri neglects to perform this type of thing. Bhagyashree is based on Ashok.

Shiv calls , but she’s gone. Lakshmi informs Aastha she’d mistake to believe her poor, but she’s a fantastic person, bahu, wife, and a daughter of Maa Durga. Aastha says she wishes to inform her same. Lakshmi informs her that each month on 1st Thursday, they do a little puja and asks her to take action .

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 18th July 2017 written updates

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