Mayiladuthurai ready for Kaveri Maha Pushkaram 2017

Mayiladuthurai ready for Kaveri Maha Pushkaram 2017 Celebration after 144 years dry Cauvery on September 19. Anticipating the discharge of water out of Kallanai dam to resurrect the Cauvery river and with a prayer to rain god Varuna in their lips. Organizers of the Cauvery Pushkaram 2017 have assembled a makeshift bathing ghat in Thula Kattam in Mayiladuthurai to allow pilgrims to at least gather water and then sprinkle it in their own heads.

A permanent tank with concrete floors and a single foot of sand was built to transport water to a depth of 2 feet. The tank was filled with water by a bore well. It’ll be kept forever to deal with water scarcity in the region.

Kaveri Maha Pushkaram 2017 Celebration

The objective is to request good rains and plants as the area resides on agriculture. It’s thought to be a 1000-year-old convention and brings in devotees from different areas of the country.

Karnataka’s reservoirs, he asserts, would breach whether the extra water isn’t released. “We expect the state authorities will come to our rescue and make sure plentiful supply of water otherwise the pilgrims might need to accumulate water in glasses and put it in their own minds,” he states.

The afternoon of Maha Pushkaram is indicated by sacred dips in the sacred river. Like all other sacred dips, this also is thought to absolve devotees of the sins. Prayer sessions are conducted using many ‘humans’ and ‘yajnas’ during the 12-day period. The auspicious day also appears to be the 1,000th birth anniversary of this Vaishnava ascetic Acharya Sri Ramanuja which makes it even more significant for Hindu devotees.

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