Pehredaar Piya Ki 18th July 2017 Written 1st Episode Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 17th July 2017 written updates 2nd episode 2 written telly vision updates: Diya helps Ratan mend his bow’s ribbon and returns it stating today it won’t break. Everybody yearns for him. Ratan thankfully jumps. Divya subsequently runs and slides beneath her thick lehanga and states it’s so thick, so why did she didi ready it for her, then she’s lovely anyways.

She attempts to repair her anklet. He coughs. He says he’s fine and she didn’t commend him . He does. They walk. He states he’s god’s gift and everybody’s dear one.

Sajjan says is it, she’s the person who was happy and dance when Ratan had been born. Sajjan says everything was fine till Ratan was born as god’s present, he’s single legal heir of land, so family despises him and somebody among family wishes to kill Ratan.

He inquires if she doesn’t need to listen. She moans and apologizes. He proceeds taking every family member’s name and states that his kaaki maa is his favorite and she feeds him tells stories, notably angel’s narrative. He proceeds and asks why she’s standing rather than walking. She laughs .

Still another prince Abhay sees Diya and has mesmerized with her dance and beauty. His dad fixes his union with Diya. Sajjan agrees. Abhay’s dad says participation will likely be tomorrow. Maan says that they want some time for agreements. Diya continues dance and she pulls god’s idol to repair feather. She fixes vine in his pagdi.

Diya’s sister informs she’s a fantastic news. Diya thankfully frees her and asks if she’s becoming aunt. Sister says Diya has turned into bride shortly and her princess is standing in white sherwani and crimson pagdi. Sister says he’s the one. Diya gets anxious.

Diya states Ratan has gone to attract her jalebis and when he could take it out of Ratan, he’ll win. Abhay goes into Ratan and asks him says he’ll get him choc. Ratan says that he doesn’t require.

Sajjan informs Maan the Diya’s participation is at a temple . Ratan says it’s for Diya. Maan angrily asks to provide it. Ratan runs off. Maan says let him move, after he gets active in matches, he’ll overlook it. Other boys states Ratan let’s throw colour water balloon on Diya.

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