Pehredaar Piya Ki 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 19th July 2017 written updates 2nd episode 2 written telly vision updates: Everybody get worried. Diya is observed running to rescue him. Maan singh additionally conducts calling Bannaaa. He climbs ladder requesting him to not worry he’s coming. Live electrical cable drops towards Ratan and is going to strike him when Diya expands wooden pole and retains it. Everybody praise her.

He states it was an crash, but expects her fear doesn’t come true. She states if they plead Devi maa and perform jaap at a temple in which Diya’s participation is Ratan is going to be safe and devi maa will shield him. Maan asks if it’s essential. He agrees and says he’ll request Sajjan to organize.

Diya’s mum wakes up her early morning and states now is her participation and they need to hit temple by 6 a.m.. She has emotional and says out of now her brand new chapter of life is beginning and she’s to play double rule of a fantastic wife and a great daughter. Their psychological bonding persists.

Maan becomes prepared and informs Padma who Sajjan has organized private automobile for them and they’ll perform pooja peacefully. Then he meets Sajjan who states he’s organized everything nicely. Ratan comes and asks if they’re going to temple so ancient, he advised they will remain at uncle’s home for two days. Diya comes prepared for involvement. Ratan asks where’s she moving so much prepared. She states she’s getting engaged.

Maan makes Padma concur, gets Ratan to Diya’s automobile and says Ratan is their duty for sometime. He runs towards automobile. Door strikes him he awakens and falls apart.

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