Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th July 2017 written updates

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th July 2017 full episode written telly vision updates:┬áSameera laughs on Gopi and inquires to beg god final moment. Pinku darling becomes fearful viewing Jaggi freed. Jaggi walks and holds his throat. Gopi frees other household members. Pinku darling yells a powder flows and air with Samera. Jaggi says that he won’t spare her and will see them at any price. Gopi conducts behind him to prevent him. Ricky says he’ll go behind Jaggi.

Kokila stops him and says that they want be together in this challenging situation, she’s convinced Gopi will cosole Jaggi and deliver him back.

Bhavani informs puzzle . Jaggi utilizes his power and attempts to lift rock elephant near homem temple. Bhavani taunts she really loves seeing him exercising. He discovers crucial beneath lace and injures his fur. Bhavani gets stressed for him. Dharam then walks into Bhavani and inquires where is his loved ones. She provides him a chit.

Pinku and Sameea traveling in a vehicle relaxed that they’re escaped today. Jaggi runs them behind and they escape in a vehicle. Gopi says that they do not understand who’s serving Sameera and Pinku, she lost several family members and doesn’t need to lose him she hugs him mentally.

Dharam strangulates Bhavani and inquires where is his loved ones. She moves remote and reveals Meera, Vidya, and Shravan tied into a bomb at balcony and states that he must save them 5 minutes or take her. He states he’d rather die with his loved ones. He sees oil on staircase, drops his kurta on staircase and reaches his loved ones.

Modi household does god’s aarti in the home. Jai and Veeru state Ricky phiky employee changed. Jaggi asks them to phone only Ricky uncle. Jaggi says let’s depart love birds and entire family walks off. Ricky apologizes Seeta profit, and Seeta behaves too mad.

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