Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th July 2017 episodes written updates

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th July 2017 Written Updates full episode written telly vision updates:┬áMr. Bhalla taking consent from inspector to provide meals to Raman. Inspector requests him to clarify Raman that Ishita can not rescue him from murder situation. Mr. Bhalla goes and matches Raman. He states Adi is discovering Shagun, she awakened running off, she dropped in a truck, do not tell anybody, I’ll come to let you know about her. He belongs. Raman claims thank God Shagun is secure, Adi should locate her.

The driver says I ceased at dhaba and watched a girl with acute head trauma, she fainted, I dropped her out a nearby hospital. Adi asks are you really crazy to leave her. The guy says no. The guy informs hospital title. Aaliya states mumma dropped in cries and truck. Mihika states Adi will get Shagun. Aaliya states if anything happens to her, I dropped Mani, I can not lose her.

Adi says do not understand how exactly is mumma, I must find out exactly what did she watch. Bala asks nurse regarding Shagun. Nurse says explain her, many individuals come. Nurse says she arrived here in the morning. Adi says I’m son, is she good, inform me.

She asks why did you never inform me that mother fell in truck. He states we have mumma, she’s in nursing area. She states send me speech. He says she’s unconscious, I’ll inform you if she gets aware. She states stop it, do not tell me what to do.

Kiran says children had been questioning a lot , I left some narrative, but now they’ll ask again, can I shoot children, I’ll order food and they’ll be happy. Appa says fine, take them what occurred about your own work. Kiran says do not worry, I ended my job now. She belongs.

Adi says do not understand what she’s seen, I’ll find out. Nurse says individual obtained fine. Aaliya inquires did she become aware. Nurse asks who’s . Adi says she’s her daughter. Doctor comes and says I want to assess her very first, its not great for her. Aaliya says please allow me to meet her . Doctor allows Aaliya. Adi cries. Bala requests him to unwind, they’ll come.

Aaliya says that she didn’t identify me Adi, she doesn’t remember anything. Adi says I’ll visit her. Nikhil stops him and says physician stopped you. Aaliya inquires Adi is he angry, do not produce a scene, she’s saying her daughter is youthful. Bala inquires what exactly does she mean. Doctor comes and states it means she dropped her memory. Adi inquires does she not recall anything, I’m son. Doctor says she’s grown up kids, but she said her kid is young, it means she’s forgotten some decades, possibly she’s seen something quite bad until she got hurt. Bala claims Shagun’s husband got killed, perhaps she’s noticed that murder.

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