Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th July 2017 written updates

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th July 2017 full episode written telly vision updates:¬†Kartik says that his injury isn’t large. Naira says that his car was unlocked, he walking street. They ask why was stressed. Baisa believes this possibly associated with Kirti, he’s decreasing in trouble. She states ward off poor sight, a person’s bad sight influenced him. Kartik looks . Dadi says we arrived to view Naksh and ward off poor sight. Bhabhimaa says I had been doing exactly the exact same. Dadi says he’ll acquire nice shortly, we’ll pray for him. Dadi says we’re just one family, Naksh is ours also. Surekha says do not worry. Naksh will acquire nice, we have Kirti along.

Dadi says you go, I’ll sit and chant mantras, Kirti will probably be with me, he’ll acquire aware shortly. She requests Gayu to take down everyone. Bhabhimaa asks Naira to return. Kartik says I’ll also remain. Naitik asks him .

Baisa inquires why did they depart Dadi with Naksh. Devyaani says she had been insisting. Baisa says I understand her acting and love. Devyaani says she isn’t bad , she affirms us constantly. Baisa says today I must tell everybody.

He holds her hands in sleep and states Naira, sorry…. He states Kirti…. Dadi smiles. Surekha says watch Naira, he took Kirti’s title within this nation, it means she’s in his heart, Kartik utilized to take your title in subconscious title, also you took his title once you got hurt. Dadi says we’ll visit after Naksh gets aware.

Surekha says I’ll go and call everybody. Dadi says we’re fine . Naira asks Baisa to not drag the thing, it’ll be large problem, you understand Kartik is considerably annoyed. She asks would you wish to say anything. He believes how to state, you do not understand that I understand everything. He inquires are you currently fine.

Manish calls for Naitik and inquires about Naksh. Naitik says he’s better today, we can not bear children’s pain. Manish says that he is going to be fine shortly. Naitik states thanks, closeness phrases are large support. Suwarna believes Kartik is there, I shall only message Naira. Bhabhimaa thanks .

She states why are you really doing this. Baisa says you locate that my chat poor, did you notice they’re so greedy, Naksh is indeed unwell, they’re considering Kirti’s alliance, so this puja is a play with. Naira says nothing like this, Dadi believes in puja. Baisa says just how did she watch son in law Naksh and obtained love, I won’t allow them to utilize our goodness, go and clarify Dadi, she’s trapping Naksh. Naira states you’re making me stress. Baisa says alright, tell everybody, they will understand what’s appropriate and what is wrong, should I say , your own life will get in trouble, should I say yes, then Naksh will get trapped.

Bhabhimaa says I’m glad viewing Dadi’s love. Baisa states dadi is behaving. Naira asks her to not say anything. Baisa says I won’t forget what she did, today do not talk , I’ll tell them reality. All of them fear. Naira says , I fold palms, do not say anything. Naitik inquires Baisa what is the issue. Baisa says Dadi desires Kirti to wed Naksh. All of them get shocked.

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